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CR0WD Conversations, a monthly speaker series on deconstruction.

First Monday of the month, 5:30-6:30pm EST 


Join CR0WD partners and guests for a one-hour conversation with guests from across the US (and beyond) who have made deconstruction a part of their community. Learn how they did it, and the economic, environmental, and social benefits it has brought.


November 7: Stephanie Phillips, San Antonio, TX

December 5: Shawn Wood, Portland, OR

February 6, 2023: Diane Cohen, Felix Heisel, Gideon Stone

Ithaca, NY 


(NYS Assn for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling)
Nov 14-16, Cooperstown, NY
"CR0WD: Making the Case for Collaboration"

CR0WD partners share how they engage  various stakeholders locally and state-wide to draw attention to building waste and advocate for actions to divert and reuse the world's largest waste stream. 


CR0WD partners present their local and state policy work at Rockefeller Government Institute's "Locally Sourced: Municipal Green Policy Solutions" (September 2022)


Watch the video recording of CR0WD's local and state policy work (begins 2:53).

Project Director Gretchen Worth discusses the benefits of deconstruction at the

NYS Reuse Summit

(June 2022)


Watch the video recording of Worth's presentation (begins at 7:00) and see all the day's presentations here. 

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