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Julia Spande

Master's of Regional Planning

Spring 2023

About Julia:

Julia is a first-year Master's of Regional Planning student studying the intersection of climate resilience, equity, and transportation. Her projects range from analyzing barriers to climate resiliency in cooperative housing to designing sustainable paratransit to drafting a magical realist novel. Julia hopes to combine her multidisciplinary background in planning, literature and art to work, not just as a planner, but as an urban storyteller. 

Julia has a B.A. in Creative Writing and Environmental and Urban Studies from the University of Chicago. In Chicago, she also worked with grassroots environmental organizations and alongside low-income communities to develop local comprehensive and sustainability plans. 

At the Christopherson Center:

Communities need to unite to protect their vulnerable populations and environments against the worst impacts of climate change. Julia is excited to support the Christopherson Center as it creates a climate resiliency network in Upstate New York.

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