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Kai Foti.HEIC

Kai Foti

Major: Urban and Regional Studies

Spring 2024

About Kai:

I am currently a senior studying urban and regional studies at Cornell University. Growing up in New York City, I was fascinated by the city's massive transportation system, which includes the New York City Subway, and the amount of work that had to be done to plan and build it. When I was 10, I moved from Brooklyn to Staten Island and the difference between the two boroughs was like night and day, with Staten Island being very car-centric making it much more difficult to get around without a car. I spent much of my high-school years on transit forums discussing how to improve transit on Staten Island, including making a mock redesigned bus network for Staten Island. I am passionate about improving transportation throughout the country, which includes advocating for more environmentally friendly forms of transportation.

At the Christopherson Center:

I look forward to assisting the Christopherson Center's goals of improving the environment of many Upstate New York communities, which includes making them climate resilient. I also look forward to meeting and networking with people at the Christopherson Center and working on projects with upstate NY communities. 

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