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Talia Greenberg

Design and Environmental Analysis 

May 2021 - Present

About Talia:

At the Christopherson Center:

Giving myself and others the opportunity to use craft as a pathway to autonomy has been one of my greatest "why"s through time.  Here, the SCCCP along with CR0WD imagines workforce, academic, and policy environments that have retooled craft for use as a pathway to resilience in the construction industry through material reapplication, workforce development, and more.  I also believe in timeline conscious, land-based reparations for marginalized groups to create financial security and personal mobility.  Sharing space, knowledge and power in the green market with these communities, and understanding how and why groups strive to achieve this themselves, has been my research here and is one of the most powerful doors we can open toward the formation of equitable futures. Working with raw materials and on my relationship with the places I occupy is my planned next step in participation in revising construction best practice and policy.  

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