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About the Christopherson Center

What We Do

The Christopherson Center collaborates with communities in New York State to address unmet needs at the intersection of climate resilience, equity and the built environment through inclusive, participatory, data-driven and results-oriented regional approaches.

DEVELOP policies that support resilient New York State communities

CONNECT municipalities and community-based organizations through workshops, case studies and design charrettes

SERVE as a resource for community-based organizations and public agencies 

PARTNER with disenfranchised populations to support their efforts to engage equitably in the planning process

FACILITATE partnerships with higher education to inform and bolster policy initiatives

PROVIDE opportunities for creative, consensus-building community programming 

INFORM AND EDUCATE through stakeholder engagement and outreach

We are Committed to 

Inclusion and equity  ||  Meaningful engagement  ||  Regional collaboration and cooperation  ||  Research and data  ||  Economic development  ||  Recognition of complexities and interconnected issues


Project Director

Gretchen Worth


Advisory Board

Tom Knipe, Chair

Director for Economic Development, City of Ithaca

Jeffrey Chusid

Associate Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University

Derek Crossman

Community Development Specialist, City of Utica

Danielle Hautaniemi

State Extension Specialist

Rod Howe

Supervisor, Town of Ithaca

Kate Maynard

Planning and Economic Development Director, CDRPC

Nicolette Wagoner

Senior Regulatory Analyst

Our Partners

Our program partners include community engagement professionals, economic development specialists, architects, planners, and preservationists.

University students and community collaborators play an integral part in our work, providing important research, outreach and a commitment to a more sustainable environment. 

We are grateful to the Department of  City and Regional Planning at Cornell University for supporting graduate student interns during the academic year. 

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