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Circularity, Reuse, Zero Waste Development

CR0WD (Circularity, Reuse, Zero Waste Development) is a multi-partner collaboration to create a circular construction economy in New York State by eliminating building and infrastructure demolition – one of the largest components of US waste streams. CR0WD promotes alternatives to demolition, including preservation, adaptive reuse and thoughtful deconstruction that recognizes the environmental, economic, and cultural value of salvage and reuse of building materials and architectural elements. It does this through education and engagement, policy and practice, research and data analysis, and green jobs creation and skills training. 

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Building a House

On the Frontline of Change: Positive Acts in Planning

Through workshops, speaker series and other events, we're highlighting the positive work and actionable examples from across New York State that address equity and climate resiliency. 


Join Christopherson Center advisory board members as they host a regular book club and speaker series dedicated to recently published books that offer inspired solutions to community challenges. Aimed at community organizations, municipal staffs, planners, preservationists and architects, these conversations feature the best books published on topics including climate, poverty, housing and rural communities. 


Equitable Climate Action and Outcomes

Our homes, the buildings where we work and shop, the roads and bridges and sidewalks we travel along -- the built environment -- account for more than 40 percent of carbon emissions. Solutions to lower emissions and fight climate change provide opportunities to realize environmental and economic benefits for everyone. We will work with New York's small local governments to support their efforts in tackling their most urgent climate issues together. Whether through workshops, targeted discussions, case study seminars or innovative engagement methods, we encourage equitable participation and generous sharing of ideas and perspectives to address the challenges we face today.

Green Fields

Coffee Conversations

An ongoing initiative, our Coffee Conversations are individual and small group conversations with community members around specific topics. They are invaluable to helping the Christopherson Center better understand the pressing issues at hand, the intersectionality of those issues, and strategic ways we can work together to meet those challenges. Coffee Conversations take no more than an hour -- and, whenever possible, we'll buy the coffee! If you'd like to participate, please let us know by clicking the button below. 

Cup of Coffee
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