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Annie Stewart 

Major: Environmental Engineering

2021 - 2024 Academic Years, Summers 2022, 2023

About Annie:

I am from Nashville, TN, and I am a junior at Cornell. I am very passionate about environmental protection and Indigenous rights. In the future, I hope to work on creating equal access to clean water and healthy environmental surroundings for all people. Through my work at the Christopherson Center, I have also become more interested in circular economy development through collaborating with communities on policies that support climate resilience in the built environment and workforce development. 

At the Christopherson Center:

Through my work, I have researched deconstruction policies and incentives in different municipalities throughout North America, which supported the creation of the Local Deconstruction Guide and other work done by CR0WD. I have also worked on gathering information for future mapping projects to better convey deconstruction and waste stream data.  

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