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Jason Rearick

Master's of Regional Planning

Summer 2021

About Jason:

I am originally from Iowa but since my graduation from Rochester Institute of Technology, I have moved around in the Northeast -- but have always found a way to return to the Finger Lakes. I currently live in Geneva with my amazing wife and awesome four-year-old son. My background is varied, from being a photojournalist for 12 years, to preparing for and attending architecture school for one year, to transferring to City and Regional Planning at Cornell. The common thread between them all is my interest in people’s relation to the built environment while always carrying the mindset of striving to make our world a better place during these uncertain and trying times.

At the Christopherson Center:

I was part of a small team that helped research, design and edit the two deconstruction resource guides: one for general audiences and the other geared towards municipalities. I am currently working on my exit project, which examines the now demolished Wall Street AME Zion Church in Auburn: a case study in what could have been and strategies for salvage and deconstruction.

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