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Alora Cisneroz

Major: Environment and Sustainability

Summer 2022

About Alora:

I am a rising senior at Cornell University studying Environment and Sustainability, concentrating in Environmental Policy and Governance, and minoring in Law and Society. All of that is to say, I think a lot about the ways that policy interventions could better facilitate human-environment interactions, in ways that further equity, sustainability, and quality of life. Although this summer will be my first time working for the Christopherson Center, I couldn't be more excited to help further their projects that are, in my perspective, pioneering examples in NYS. My interest in local interventions comes from my time spent at Cornell's Campus Sustainability Office, where I work on campus engagement projects on topics from waste education to measuring and facilitating student behavior changes. From this experience, I have found a passion for orienting my work to respond to the ways that people actually (rather than ideally) interact with policies/projects. It is a critical, yet often overlooked piece of sustainability work! I hope to bring this human-centered perspective with me as I begin my work this summer.

In the future, I hope to work on climate change policy at a large non-profit or a government agency.

At the Christopherson Center:

This summer, I am primarily working on the CR0WD program including, building its website, contributing to a policy packet, and adding a map layover for deconstruction policies across the United States. I will also contribute to writing a local government guide for communities across NYS.

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